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Mr Doodle Art of Ping Pong ArtTable


2017: Exhibition and charity auction / Hand-painted unique ArtTable / Joint exhibition at London Illustration Fair / Unique paddle commission for a collector.

Mr Doodle Art of Ping Pong ArtTable
Mr Doodle Art of Ping Pong live painting an ArtTable in front of a crowd
Mr Doodle Art of Ping Pong

His work debuted on the secondary market in March 2020 with an auction of his artworks in Hong Kong. One of the pieces was an ArtPaddle, which he did for one of our exhibitions way back in 2017. We don’t remember who bought this original artwork but we were excited to see it sold for HK$88,200! By August of that year, his painting Spring (2019) had sold for nearly $1 million at auction. Cox has embraced the theatrical performance of his Mr Doodle persona, wearing his hand-drawn clothing for public appearances and establishing an extended mythos for the character.