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ArtTable set with Campbell Hay


art & play

Making art more playful

We believe that art can impact our lives in many ways. We focus our energy on that moment where art and play brings us together. And what better way to connect than through a fun game of table tennis with family or friends. We have taken the practical need for modern compact living and combined it with our love of beautiful objects and connection. Everyone loves having a unique work of art in their home, something that sparks conversation. It is our vision to take this one step further and create artworks that encourage an active connection and play too.

ArtNet on wall
ArtNet on white wall Bauhaus poster
Art of Ping Pong ArtTable on wall in trendy warehouse apartment. Luxury wall mountable table tennis table featuring Kelly Anna artwork


Our luxury ArtTables are truly unique, wall-mountable artworks that transform into ping pong tables within seconds. They combine the joy of displaying art at home with one of the most loved games in the world. Designed for art lovers, design aficionados and interiors obsessives who crave one-of-a-kind, beautifully crafted objects that can also spark instantaneous moments of joy and spontaneous conversations. >

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Ace ArtNet set. Luxury table tennis set


All our products are driven by our love of creating beautiful objects with the dual purpose of connecting people through play. We saw that almost every home has a table screaming out to become a fun ping pong surface, and so the ArtNet was born. Stylish, unique wall decor one minute, table divider the next – perfect for those spontaneous games of ping pong with family or friends. >

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Two table tennis bats with falling balls


We’ve always found the ping pong paddle a lovely shaped object. But like most practical objects their opportunity to visually brighten up our lives is overlooked. Our screen printed ArtBats use top quality materials to give your game an extra edge, as well as to look great on your shelves. >

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Every single person that I’ve shown when it’s on the wall is like, ‘you’re fucking kidding me. That’s a ping pong table?!’ And I’m like, ‘I fuck you not!’

Fi, Perth

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Artist editions

We’ve collaborated with some incredible artists to create special Art of Ping Pong editions.

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Morag Myerscough ArtTable on wall

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