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Our luxury ArtTables are truly unique, wall-mountable artworks that transform into ping pong tables within seconds.



An original and hand-crafted work of art

Our luxury ArtTable is a truly unique, wall-mountable, artwork that transforms into a ping pong table within seconds. It combines the joy of displaying art at home with one of the most loved games in the world. With its concept-driven functionality and contemporary design aesthetic, it has set the standard for luxury leisure goods. With an ArtTable table tennis table, you are buying more than another lovely work of art for your home. You’re creating the spark for great conversations and igniting joyful nights in with friends.

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We’ve collaborated with some incredible artists to create special Art of Ping Pong editions.

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Every single person that I’ve shown is like, You’re fucking kidding me. That’s a ping pong table?! And I’m like, I fuck you not!

Fi, Perth

Designer Table Tennis Tables

Our ArtTables, with their concept-driven functionality and contemporary design aesthetic, have set the standard for luxury leisure goods. They are designed for art lovers, design aficionados and interior obsessives who crave beautifully crafted objects that can spark instantaneous moments of joy. These bespoke ping pong tables are thoughtfully designed, beautifully hand-crafted and highly collectable.

Discover the Ultimate Table Tennis Experience

Transform your home into a hub of fun and art with our unique ArtTables. These aren’t just any ordinary table tennis tables; these are the coolest tables that are a joy to look at and play with. Our hand-crafted luxury ArtTables are designed to captivate and impress. Imagine watching your friend’s jaw drop as you reveal how your artwork turns into a ping pong table. As wall-mountable artworks, they seamlessly transition into a functional table tennis table in seconds, embodying the perfect fusion of form and function.

The Art of Table Tennis

Elevate your game with our limited edition artist ArtTables. Collaborating with some of the world’s most sought-after artists, we’ve created special editions that redefine the art of ping pong. Each table tennis table is a testament to contemporary design and luxury leisure. We have made unique collections for Selfridges, Mr Porter, The Conran Shop and Le Bon Marche.

Engage with Our Table Tennis Table Community

Join our vibrant community that is passionate about the art and sport of table tennis. Stay updated with our latest ArtTable releases and artist collaborations. Our special projects and events bring together enthusiasts and artists, celebrating the joy of table tennis whilst raising money for good causes.

Choose More than a Table Tennis Table

Our ArtTables offer more than just a game; they catalyse unforgettable evenings and great conversations – whether it’s a friendly match or just admiring the artwork. Most table tennis tables are large, cumbersome items that are hard to store and ugly when folded away. Our ArtTables are designed to enhance your living space and bring people together.