Art of Ping Pong sits at the nexus of art and play. Fusing art with functional design, we create vibrant objects of art to populate our living spaces. These pieces also have a real life purpose – to encourage a connection with others through conversation and play. We believe our artworks are some of the most playful, and yet beautiful artworks, in the world. Designed for homeowners that thought they had everything, they not only stimulate conversation but ignite great nights in as well.


Our mission is simple. To make art more playful – through our products, events, collaborations and our support of good causes.

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Our story

Founded by Algy Batten and Caroline Moorhouse, the Art of Ping Pong concept was born from a longstanding love of the game, the founders’ successful careers in design and an instinctive feel for what constitutes living well, and stylishly, today.

Our Story

Why the ArtTable?

Driven by the modern need for compact living and our love of beautiful objects we wanted to create a ping pong table for our home that was as joyful to look at as it was to engage with.

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An ArtTable is more than just buying a lovely work of art; it’s a vehicle to collectable art, story telling and joyful nights with friends. And we love to chat with our ever growing community of lovers of playful art about how an ArtTable feeds their passion for art and sociability.

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AOPP studio

We are more than just a brand. We are creative problem solvers. Both Caroline and Algy have over 20 years of experience each working in the design industry in London. This experience combined with AoPP’s collaborative and open-minded approach has seen us work on creative projects with world-renowned brands and organisations. From event launches, bespoke collections, and educational projects to exhibition curation.

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AOPP For good

Running your own business also gives you the platform to give back more. Supporting good causes is at the core of AoPP and we love that this is something we can include in our work. Since our inception, we have worked with some of the world’s most loved artists to create unique ping pong paddles for exhibitions and auctions raising over £30k for numerous causes.

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